Infant Formula
Product Launch

Mead Johnson Nutrition is a globally trusted brand backed by over 100 years of innovative pediatric nutrition science. The Enfamil® brand is the #1 pediatrician recommended formula and continues to provide quality products that cater to parents and their children.

The challenge

Juice Interactive was to successfully introduce and roll out liquid forms of Enfamil products, a brand most well known for their powder infant formulas. This launch included both digital and brick and mortar channels, intended to communicate key features that would inform Moms that the powder formula they trust is now available in convenient Ready to Use bottles.

The solution

We focused on the key benefits that would best speak to moms and their needs: the Ready to Use liquid bottles are convenient as they require no dilution or mixing and they come in three sizes to meet Mom’s needs at different times and situations. We produced video, iconography and other engaging content that spoke to the key benefits of using the liquid infant formula.

We developed short form video content that resonates with millennial moms.

The Ready to Use Nursettes are compact and convenient for when you’re ready to go.

Ready to Use 8oz. bottle are a convenient
 way to nourish your baby on the go.

The perfect size for a growing baby, the
 32oz. bottle is easy to hold and easy to pour.

The complete line of Ready to Use products
 you need at home and on the go easy.

Photography and graphic assets were created to be used within ecommerce, in store and social media channels.

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