Enfamil® Enspire
Product Launch

Backed by over a century of sound science, Mead Johnson has advanced their work in pediatric nutrition using technological innovations to create the closest formula to breast milk ever: Enspire. As an unrivaled and highly advanced product, assets created would highlight the importance of this ultra premium formula.

The challenge

Mead Johnson came to Juice Interactive to spearhead the digital-first launch of their outstanding new premium product across a variety of digital retail channels, namely Amazon. We wanted to use the A+ page and syndicated content in new, innovative ways that many brands were yet to apply. This included the introduction of unique assets like targeted messaging, engaging and informative visuals and entertaining, but effective video content.

The solution

We created assets to assist in educating U.S. consumers about this new premium product with a variety of visual and written elements. In conjunction with our own audits, we conducted a qualitative study to better understand how moms shop for formula within digital spaces, allowing us to better speak to Enspire’s target audience.

Thoughtfully angled shots were produced to simulate the unique physical experience of picking up and turning a product in your hands.

Our team developed iconography and paired it with targeted messaging to show Enspire’s important features and benefits.

The results

Juice Interactive created a broad range of digital assets and implemented them throughout Mead Johnson’s digital retail channels in order to communicate brand messaging consistently across all consumer touch points, with a digital-first strategy that best aligns with Enspire’s target audience and their shopping preferences.

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