More than just a beauty brand, EcoTools stands out for its innovation, eco-friendly practices and philanthropic causes that position their brand as sustainable.

The challenge

Juice Interactive was asked to design and develop a mobile friendly ecommerce platform that would function across all devices while educating users through strategic UX, with the goal of increasing brand awareness as well as sales. There was also a need to migrate the site to a platform that would offer scalability and the functionality to allow for growth. One of the challenges was found in developing a seamless checkout solution and a full ecommerce reskin for the site.

The solution

We founded the new site on the powerful Hybris platform, allowing the inclusion of international sales, comprehensive content management, detailed reporting, real-time inventory and an all-encompassing checkout process. Our creative team then worked closely with EcoTools to create a unique shopping experience, starting with the homepage.

As a brand with a wide range of products and information to offer, we created a homepage that would increase brand awareness while also facilitating further exploration of the site through strategically placed visuals and intuitive navigation, allowing users to become familiar with the wide range of categories and features.


Product pages were restructured, placing items like ratings, reviews, “favorite” options and social buttons alongside the product name in order to increase engagement and purchases. This space was also used to provide users with educational videos and cross-selling opportunities, as well as the seamless integration of user generated content throughout the site.


Given that the majority of EcoTools users prefer mobile shopping, we optimized the platform and implemented UX that would cater to their target audience.

Consistency in the shopping experience from start to finish was developed, bringing the customer journey to the forefront from homepage and checkout up to the moment they receive their new EcoTools product. Branding needed to be clearly brought through and reflected from the website to delivery and packaging.

In believing and demonstrating that women everywhere should embrace their authentic selves, EcoTools creates a wide range of affordable beauty and bath tools meant to help women highlight their true beauty.


The results

The project delivered an improved end-to-end customer experience, from a responsive front-end design and integrated marketing, to shipment tracking and real-time inventory updates. In addition to an engaging and branded site, we helped open the door for international users, allowing the brand to tap into the global market.

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