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Building from the nostalgia established by BEHR’s True to Hue campaign, we created a captivating digital experience with the purpose of engaging users by tying their favorite memories to the various shades of BEHR paint.

The challenge

BEHR asked us if color could play an important role in the making of a memory while increasing engagement over a period of six weeks, using their True to Hue campaign as a foundation.

The solution

Juice Interactive responded with and #ColorAMemory, inspiring users to bring their memories to life through BEHR’s premium paint colors. Tasked with creating an inspirational and sentimental site to showcase the importance of color in our everyday lives as well as within our most cherished memories, we crafted a platform that would bring user’s memories to life through selecting hues from their favorite photos, giving them personalized names and sharing them seamlessly via social media.


We developed an application that allows users to create an image from within their browser. The highly responsive application and enhanced UI were key to achieving high engagement.


The #ColorAMemory campaign saw consumer photos being uploaded within minutes, with over 15,000 photos uploaded over the course of 6 weeks.


In partnership with Olson, the initial campaign involved a sweepstakes that gave users a chance to receive a personalized BEHR paint sample with the name and color they chose. 2,400 personalized paint samples were delivered alongside a color print of their Color A Memory image.

The results

Garnering strong social media presence, BEHR’s brand share-of-voice was greatly improved through our microsite while also increasing sustainable consumer engagement. By creating an ongoing, emotionally influenced color platform that users can return to time and time again, BEHR is presented with constant, compelling and easily repurposed content through

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