Since 2004, we’ve been a creative-first agency.

Our Story

Born in digital

Juice was conceived from the idea that an agency should be a true partner in helping uncover possibilities. While we deliver commercially successful work across a range of channels, digital is truly our native language.

Creative focus

Our focus is to create authentic and thoughtful solutions and user experiences, grounded in consumer and behavioral insights.

A true partner

We move in an agile way, developing responsive solutions for our clients that deliver commercial success.

JoAnn Leonard and Tim Rawls

Our Founders

JoAnn Leonard and Tim Rawls founded Juice in 2003 with the idea that every digital experience should invoke an emotional reaction from the audience. JoAnn and Tim share an entrepreneurial drive to imagine what could be, and then develop ways to bring the vision to life. They’ve assembled an experienced team that is focused on delivering that vision through creative, thoughtful, and innovative experiences.

Let’s see what we can create together.